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                                                       Burstable Gig E Bandwidth

Burstable Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) is one possible alternative for businesses that need flexible bandwidth in the 100 megabit per second (mbps) to 1000 mbps range. The cost benefit of burstable GigE compared to fixed Gigabit Ethernet is that a business does not have to pay for unused bandwidth above a set monthly minimum commitment. The business is only charged extra for the amount of additional bandwidth consumed during the period of increased usage. Another cost advantage of burstable Gigabit Ethernet is consistent bandwidth performance during periods of increased usage without network lag or down time that can cause a decrease in productivity.  

There are numerous applications that can benefit from the installation of a burstable Gigabit Ethernet circuit. Video conferencing, large file transfer, seasonal fluctuations of incoming customer calls, fund-raising or sales promotions are examples of some of the business functions that would require increased bandwidth needs for a temporary length of time.  

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